In accordance with the Public Diplomacy Academic Policy, and as part of the Diplomatic School and Foreign Affairs we are equipped with the following programs:


Internship Programs

The internship program allows students to acquire a real work experience. It is aimed at undergraduate students. It serves as an instrument of the Department of State for the developing of human capital that can succeed between generations and contribute

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Youth Ambassadors Program

The Youth Ambassadors Program seeks to create a leadership culture that promotes a sophisticated and educated understanding of cultural diversity and identity politics, to respectfully accept opposing points of view and diverse experiences, aimed at finding and building permanent peace.

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School Academic Program

The Diplomatic and Foreign Affairs School will design its own curriculum and collaboration agreements with institutions and academic entities in Puerto Rico, the United States and its territories, or abroad, aiming to address the following audiences: Employees and officials of

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“Puertas” Technical Training Institute

Through Government-to-Government agreements and via the Diplomatic and Foreign Affairs School, the Department of State of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico intends to develop the following programmatic elements that will make up the “PUERTAS” Technical Training Institute: Technical Training Program

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Academic Activities Program and Publications

Through the Academic Activities Program and Publications the Department of State intends to promote the organization of events, meetings, conferences and symposia, among others, to serve as broad discussion of public policy issues and internationalization, and encourage the participation in

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