In accordance with Act No. 55-2020, known as the “Puerto Rico Civil Code,” corporations, companies, partnerships, special partnerships, trusts, foundations, and other associations of persons of particular interest, whether civil, commercial, or industrial must be registered in the Registry of Legal Entities administered by the Department of State. In addition, foreign entities that do business in Puerto Rico must register in the Registry of Legal Entities.

The registration process consists of completing the registration application which must be duly sworn before a notary public. Once completed and notarized, the form must be sent to the email address Applicants will receive a confirmation of receipt by email. After reviewing and approving the form, a registration certificate will be issued in the name of the legal entity with the assigned registration number.

It will not be required to attach to the registration application form the constituent documents of the legal person, by-laws, operating agreements, or regulations.

Regarding the form for complaints or legal actions filed against a legal entity, evidence of the filing of the complaint and/or legal action, as applicable, must be attached.

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