Privacy Policy

Public policy regarding the Portal of the Government of Puerto Rico is simple: no personal information of the User will be collected when accessing the Portal services, unless such information is provided voluntarily.

This statement informs the User about what information is collected automatically; for which purposes the said information is collected; the use that it is given and with whom the information is shared; the alternatives the User has to control the use of this personal information; how to access your information, and security measures used to protect the security of the information that is collected and stored in the database.

Information collected automatically

When requesting services through the Portal of the Government of Puerto Rico, it is asked that the Users provide personal information for the sole purpose of being able to provide the requested services and verify the identity of the User. In addition, the Portal server automatically collects some information of a non-identifiable nature about users of the Portal. Specifically, each time a request for hypertext transfer protocol (http request) is received, information is collected and stored in files on the date and time of the request, Internet Protocol address from which the request originates and the purpose thereof.

For what purposes is personal information collected from Users?

Personal information about Users (such as name, email address, social security number, passport number, etc.) will be saved only if they decide freely and voluntarily to provide it. The personal information voluntarily provided by the User when accessing the services shall be used solely for the purpose of providing the services requested, check the User’s identity and ensure the safety and reliability of the transaction. Furthermore, such data may be used for administrative purposes of the Portal, in order to audit and evaluate the performance of the electronic management of the various agencies and public corporations of Puerto Rico government, as provided in 23 L.P.R.A. §§ 101-109.

How is the User’s personal information used?

User information collected on or through the Portal of the Government of the Government of Puerto Rico will not be sold or given to third parties. The personal information provided by the User on this Portal will be used only for the administration and management of the services offered therein, and for other purposes described in this statement or the site where the information is requested. Generic information may also be collected for statistical purposes and for the maintenance and improvement of the Portal. To that end, this information will occasionally be analyzed to determine the interests of Users and the frequency with which customers visit our Portal and the sites on this website. The information collected for these purposes is in a format that does not allow to personally identify the User.

With whom is the Users’ personal information shared?

The Users’ personal information may be shared with agencies, departments and public corporations of the Government with which the User wishes to perform a transaction. In such cases, only the information necessary to carry out the transaction will be disclosed. Information may also be disclosed to agencies (local and federal) responsible for maintaining law and order in Puerto Rico, only if such disclosure is authorized or required by applicable law or court order.

Users’ alternatives to control the use of their personal information

In cases where the applicable law does not permit to disclose the personal information of the User and when not bound by a court order, the Portal Administration will not share personal information with others, unless it obtains express written permission.

Access to the personal information collected

Each User will have access to his or her information that has been collected on or through the Portal. The Portal Administration agrees to correct any errors on your personal information that you notify writing to the following address:

Protection of the collected information

The Internet was originally designed as an open system without any security system. However, the User’s collected and stored information will be protected and the Internet will not be used to provide services unless they can be performed safely. For this purpose, reasonable precautions to maintain the security, confidentiality and integrity of the information collected on and through this Portal will be taken. Occasionally third parties may be contracted to provide certain services with respect to the Portal and its database, to whom all due demands will be made so as not to compromise the security, confidentiality and integrity of personal information to which these contractors may have access while performing their services.

Information from anyone under 18 years of age

No contact information of persons under 18 years of age (such as name, address, email address or telephone number) will be collected without the prior consent of the person(s) with parental rights. Once consent is obtained, such information will be used only as necessary to carry out the requested transaction. Identifiable information of the minor will not be disclosed or shared, unless the person(s) with parental rights consent to such effects. The consent can always be revoked.

Warning regarding the use of email

Email is not a secure means of transmitting personal information. Therefore, the User is advised that no personal information should be submitted via email. The User will only receive general information sent via email.