Through Government-to-Government agreements and via the Diplomatic and Foreign Affairs School, the Department of State of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico intends to develop the following programmatic elements that will make up the “PUERTAS” Technical Training Institute:

  • Technical Training Program for civil servants and public and private officials of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, through Specialized Certifications in different federal standards that regulate industries and professions.
  • Consulting Program for the development of standards and organizational structures to ensure compliance.
  • A Catalog with the Academic Programs of the universities in Puerto Rico that make possible the transfer of knowledge and professional skills coming from Latin America and the Caribbean, and that can provide continuity and complement the PUERTAS Program.
  • Infrastructure Development Program for Latin America and the Caribbean in those areas where the promoted standards so require. – OE 2013-07

Collaboration Agreement:

The PUERTAS Program is carried out in collaboration with the Office of Training and Advice in Labor Issues and Human Resources Administration (OCALARH, by its Spanish acronym). For more information you may visit

For further information you may call 787-722-2121, extensions 4411 and 4412, or 787-721-4781

You can also write to:


Diplomatic and Foreign Affairs School
Dr. Arturo Morales Carrión
PO BOX 9023271
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00902-3271

Moreover, you can also access information through the Calls section of the Programs and News.