Online Services

On the Professional Credential Services link (PCS) you will find all the necessary information and requirements for each license online. You can also communicate with PCS through or by calling 1-888-773-9266.

Physical Address

Board of Brokers, Agents and Real Estate Companies

Calle San José Esq. San Francisco

Diputación Provincial Building

2nd Floor

San Juan, PR 00902-3271

Postal Address

Department of State

Assistant Secretary of Examination Boards

Board of Brokers, Agents and Real Estate Companies

P.O. Box 9023271

San Juan, PR 00902-3271


Ms. María S. Santos (
Mr. Luis Flores (
Teléfono 787-722-2122, Extensión #4311 o 4310


Gloria E. Rosado

Legal Basis

Law No. 10 of April 26, 1994, as amended.


  • Aixá Malavé López
  • Ernesto Sgroi Hernández
  • Lcdo. Erick Quintana Acevedo

Board Examination Dates

To obtain the applicant’s manual click on the following link (Download)

The total cost of examinations and re-examinations will be $107.00 ($100.00 for the exam and $7.00 IVU [Puerto Rico Sales and Use Tax]).

You can request an examination in either of the following ways:

  • Enter the website and complete the registration process, payment and allocation of examination date.
  • Fill out and print the examination application (available in, include money order payable to Test Innovations and send to:Test Innovations, Inc.623 Ponce de León Ave.Suite 12-ASan Juan, PR 00917

Candidates paying by money order will subsequently receive an appointment by mail. For more information you can call Test Innovations at 787-767-7752.

CC 2016-06 – Exam Fee – Real Estate Brokers and Sales Representatives (Download)


  • All Applicants interested in Reasonable Accommodation must submit an application using the forms established by Regulation No. 6463 of May 22, 2002.
  • Under Article 17 of Law. 10 of April 26, 1994, page 9, “every renewal applicant who has submitted his or her application with all the requested supporting documents thirty (30) days before of the expiration of his or her license will automatically receive an extension of the license term until the Board takes place, in consideration of their application.”