Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting the web portal of the Government of Puerto Rico and reading this notice on the Terms of Use. Through www.pr.gov, the Government of Puerto Rico offers citizens, businesses and public employees a wide range of services aimed at improving the relationship between the government and the citizens and businesses, intergovernmental relations, promote informed decision-making and streamline the many processes that are performed with governmental entities. Such services are offered through the Portal Administrator.

These Terms of Use govern the access and usage of the Portal, including the content and services available to the user. However, access to and use of particular services, such as those requiring payment, may be subject to Particular Conditions, which shall be duly notified when accessing them. The Government of Puerto Rico reserves the right to substitute or modify the contents of this notice, so it is advised that citizens regularly consult these Terms of Use. The Government of Puerto Rico reserves the right to extend, limit or restrict the capacity, availability and operability of the content and/or services of the Portal.

Use of the Portal and the services offered on it gives to you the status of “User”, which implies the prior acceptance of these Terms of Use. The Portal Administrator reserves the right to terminate or suspend, at any time, for any reason and without warning or prior notice, provision of services to any User that the Portal Administrator determines that (1) is in breach of these rules or (2) represents a security risk to the Portal.

Applicable Law

These Terms of Use, the contents of the Portal and the services offered through it are governed by the applicable laws of the Government of Puerto Rico. You agree to use this Portal and the services provided through it in accordance with the Constitution of the Government of Puerto Rico, applicable laws, these Terms of Use, the specific conditions applicable to certain services and other notices, rules or regulations of use posted from time to time on this Portal, as well as in accordance with morality and public order.

Contractual Clauses

Below we will detail the obligations of the Users and the Portal Administrator governed by the Terms of Use.

1. Obligations of the User of the Portal of the Government of Puerto Rico.
a. You warrant that all information and data you provide to facilitate processing of electronic services to citizens of the Government of Puerto Rico is true, correct, genuine and truthful. It is your responsibility as a user of the Portal to keep all your information up to date at all times. You shall be solely and fully responsible for all damages that may result because of any false or misleading representations made by you while using this Portal. If you provide false, inaccurate or incomplete data or the Portal Administrator has reasonable grounds to suspect such behavior, he/she may cancel your account and terminate your access and use of the Portal.
b. You are responsible for protecting your user name and password and liable for any use under your login user name, password or IP address (numerical address that identifies you, your service provider or your computer) that is made of this service. You agree to sign out of your account at the end of each session and to immediately report any loss or unauthorized access by third parties to your password or account number.
c. You agree not to use this Portal in any way or manner that could damage, disable or impede the normal operation of the equipment or documents and files stored on any computer of the Government of Puerto Rico. Any user that attempts to degrade the safety or prevent the operation of the computer systems of the Government of Puerto Rico may be subject to administrative and/or criminal penalties.
d. You agree not to use the Portal to perform activities contrary to Law, morals, good customs or public policy for illegal or forbidden purposes that may violate the rights and interests of third parties.
e. You agree not to alter the technical protection devices, electronic fingerprints, other instruments of protection or mentions of copyright nor other information identifying the rights of intellectual or industrial property in the Portal of the Government of Puerto Rico.
f. It is your responsibility to notify any irregularity, error or inaccuracy you may notice during the use of this service writing to the following address webmaster@tig.ogp.gobierno.pr.
2. Obligations of the Portal Administrator of the Electronic Portal for citizens of the Government of Puerto Rico.
a. The Government of Puerto Rico is committed to providing high quality services through the Portal, within the particular circumstances of the cyber environment.
b. The Government of Puerto Rico is committed to complying with the Privacy Policy posted on the Portal.
c. The Government of Puerto Rico is committed to take reasonable security measures to safeguard all information in order to ensure maximum security and confidentiality of communications, minimizing the risks of the cyber environment. However, it is necessary to recognize that security measures on the Internet are not invulnerable, the Internet networks are not secure and any communication in this medium may be intercepted or modified by unauthorized persons. In addition, the Government of Puerto Rico accepts no responsibility for security flaws in operating areas outside its exclusive control.
d. The Portal Administrator of the Government of Puerto Rico may refuse, withdraw, suspend and/or block at any time and without notice access to the contents or the provision of services to users who breach these Terms of Use or any other particular situations that may apply.

Quality of the Services

The Government of Puerto Rico aims to provide services through this website 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year. However, there is the possibility that sometimes it is not possible to provide such continuous service for reasons beyond our control or due to Portal upgrade or maintenance operations involving the suspension of access or use to the Portal. Therefore, the Portal Administrator of web services to citizens does not guarantee the availability or continuity of the Portal and the services provided through it. The effectiveness of the Portal and services for the performance of any particular activity or transaction does not warrant that users can effectively use the Portal and the Services, access the various web pages that are part of the Portal or those from which services are provided.

The Portal Administrator does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other hidden content that may alter or damage your computer system (software and hardware) or electronic documents and files stored in it and is not liable for damages they may cause. The Portal Administrator will not be liable for system failures resulting from force majeure. Nor will it be liable for any loss or damage (including damage or loss of data), loss of profits not received relating to the use of the Portal or the unavailability of the same.

The content presented through this Portal is supplied by agencies and public corporations of the Government of Puerto Rico. Each of these agencies and corporations is solely responsible to ensure the currency, reliability, accuracy and veracity of the information they provide. The administrator of this Portal is not responsible for, and does not guarantee, updating, reliability, accuracy and veracity of the information contained herein.

Also, the Portal provides technical links, directories and search engines that provide access to sites and web pages owned and/or operated by third parties, which does not imply any relation between the Portal of the Government of Relationship Puerto Rico and the owner of the linked website. The Government of Puerto Rico assumes no responsibility for the content or services to which the User is granted access through these pages.

Intellectual Property

This Portal contains information that is protected by copyright and author moral rights. The Government of Puerto Rico, its agencies and public corporations have proprietary rights over the content that appears on this Portal, therefore, such content is copyrighted by the central government agencies or public corporations of the Government of Puerto Rico. These agencies and corporations reserve all the rights that exist or may exist about such content. The publication of said content on this Portal does not constitute a transfer of rights of such content or license to use it without obtaining the prior consent of the respective agency or public corporation.